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What does project management mean to me? Here’s 70 other views on the same topic from around the world.

A first ever project management related global blogging initiative to publish a post on a common theme at exactly the same time. Seventy bloggers from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK and the USA have committed to make a blogging contribution and the fruit of their labour is now available all over the web.  The subject of this #PMFlashblog was “What does project management mean to me”.

It was a great idea of Shim Marom  at Quantmleap , and Allen Ruddock  did a great job of compiling all the posts into a free eBook.

I was honoured and humbled to be asked to participate alongside who I consider are the best project management bloggers. If you would like to read my entry you can view it here.

Click the image below to download your free copy and find out what makes a project manager tick. Do not worry this book is completely free with no need to sign up to anything. So what are you waiting for download this fantastic book.

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