#PMFlashBlog: Project Management Around the World

The 2nd Project Management Flash Blog is now live! Add the #PMFlashBlog tag to your twitter.

7 weeks of brilliant FlashBlogging from some amazing Project Management writers and thinkers, all on the topic ‘Project Management Around the World’.

Each week, a new group of writers will bring new and refreshing perspectives on how we practice, promote and celebrate Project Management in our own countries – a feast of ideas to talk about, argue over, compare and critique. Those in North America will publish in unison on 3 March followed by Europe on the 10th, Australia and New Zealand on the 17th and so on.

With 50+ project management bloggers already involved there’ll be loads of information and some eye-openers about: «Project Management Around the World».

My #PMFlashBlog  post from Spain will be out 10 March so why not  follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus.

You can add the #PMFlashBlog tag to your twitter stream now.

This is a list of the Project Management Bloggers who are participating in #PMFlashBlog Round 2 «Project Management Around the World».


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