Secrets of 40 PPM Experts on Changing Project Management to Project Leadership

Check out my piece in the Project Leadership eBook, where 40 PPM Experts share leadership secrets that had a major impact on enterprise projects they´ve managed.

Gartner predicted a massive sea change in the world of project management—a change that is forcing project managers into a greater leadership role and requiring them to work closely with senior executives.

Many project teams are being asked to lead change, not just timelines and milestones. This forces project managers into greater leadership roles where the rewards can be significant.

David Rogelberg, from Studiob, with the support of AtTask, asked 40 top Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) professionals to share their secrets for strong project leadership. Their insightful answers depict an industry in transition.

Read this eBook to discover expert leadership tips for:

  • Working with senior executives
  • Communicating and collaborating in new ways
  • Clearing hurdles and removing obstacles

«Making the shift from project management to project leadership isn’t easy, but the rewards can be significant. We hope the collective wisdom and hard-learned lessons contained in these pages will inspire you and help you take your own teams to a higher level.«

Editor: David Rogelberg


«At first, the company’s management was skeptical about changing their way of working and we had to develop an implementation strategy based on leadership. Like in any change in organizational culture, we focused on the people involved, starting with senior management.

As leaders of change, we guided each person in his/her particular assignment.»

Carlos J. Pampliega, PMP

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