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How Can You Boost Project Management with Automation?

Automate the most tedious and repetitive tasks, helping the team focus on those that require more attention and dedication, so that time is better used and greater performance is generated.

Many factors must be taken into account to automate the tasks and, never leave aside the communication with the team because it will be the one that presents the pros and cons of the tasks to automate.

It is necessary to follow a roadmap in the changes that will generate in our company the automation of certain tasks and never neglect the communication with the whole team to, if any problem arises, face it as soon as possible.

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Aplicación de metodologías ágiles en el sector de la construcción

Metodologías ágiles en el sector de la construcción

La mayoría de profesionales de la gestión de proyectos entienden el marco Agile como una herramienta indispensable, aplicable en determinados entornos y en no pocos proyectos (la mayoría ajenos al desarrollo de software). Encontramos equipos SCRUM en banca, servicios, desarrollo de productos, innovación, proyectos sociales, etc.

La pregunta que planteábamos hace años que ha dejado de tener actualidad:

¿Se puede aplicar Agile en proyectos distintos del software?

Sin embargo, esta pregunta aún sigue generando debate si la trasladamos al sector de la Construcción, la Arquitectura y la Obra Civil.

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Change Project Scoping and Scope Creep Control –

Scope management is one of the critical tasks of the Project Manager, and the most difficult knowledge area in PMBOK to define and control.

This difficulty is intrinsic to the projects because we cannot ignore the human side of such projects. The project objectives are defined by people, assailed by doubts and indecision, and who depend on processes in their organizations that hinder the definition of Scope (different departments, poor communication within the organization, etc.)

Are Project Managers Control Freaks?

The attitude of the Project Manager is usually that of a maniacally controlling professional, who avoids changes at all costs. This attitude is understandable because once we have taken charge of our project and have our project plan under control, we do not want to change it just because a last-minute suggestion for the project dawned on someone.

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Secrets of 40 PPM Experts on Changing Project Management to Project Leadership

Gartner predicted a massive sea change in the world of project management—a change that is forcing project managers into a greater leadership role and requiring them to work closely with senior executives.

Many project teams are being asked to lead change, not just timelines and milestones. This forces project managers into greater leadership roles where the rewards can be significant.

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#PMFlashBlog: Project Management Around the World – Castilla y León – Spain

PMFlashBlog 2014

Status of Project Management in Castilla y León, Spain. The bulk of economic activity in Castilla y Leon is developed in small and medium enterprises in traditional sectors. Project Management in SMEs has become a critical issue for business competitiveness and externalization.

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#PMFlashBlog: Project Management Around the World

This is a list of the Project Management Bloggers who are participating in #PMFlashBlog Round 2 «Project Management Around the World». Each week, a new group of writers will bring new and refreshing perspectives on how we practice, promote and celebrate Project Management in our own countries – a feast of ideas to talk about, argue over, compare and critique.

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Los principales Retos a los debe enfrentarse un Director de Proyectos

¿Has escuchado el dicho: "Los problemas son simplemente nuevos desafíos"? Durante la gestión de un proyecto, nos enfrentamos a situaciones y problemas que suponen desafíos para nuestra capacidad de gestión. En el ciclo de vida de cualquier proyecto, casi siempre habrá problemas inesperados y preguntas que surjan. Cuando surgen estos problemas, tienes que estar preparado para tratar con ellos - o pueden afectar potencialmente el resultado del proyecto. Alison Wood y Simon Buehring en knowledgetrain pensaron en estos desafíos a [...]

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Free eBook: What does Project Management mean to me?

What does project management mean to me? Here’s 70 other views on the same topic from around the world. A first ever project management related global blogging initiative to publish a post on a common theme at exactly the same time. Seventy bloggers from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK and the USA have committed to make a blogging contribution and the fruit of their labour is now available all over the web.  The subject of this #PMFlashblog was [...]

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¿Cuáles son las Causas de Conflicto en Gestión de Proyectos?

Causes of Conflict in Project Management. La infografía muestra los resultados de 35 respuestas dadas a la pregunta , ¿Cuáles son las causas de conflicto en la Gestión de Proyectos? Las principales respuestas fueron: Falta de comunicación. Costo del proyecto. Falta de liderazgo. Falta de requisitos claros en el alcance del Proyecto. (Vinculado a problemas de comunicación) At the Pink Elephant conference 2012, Elizabeth Harrin gave a presentation on managing conflict in projects, wanting to find out qhat the audience [...]

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Stakeholder Management in the Construction Sector

  Stakeholder influence in the implementation of construction projects Stakeholder Management is about relationships between an organization and their groups interested or stakeholders. These relationships impact on the individuals and their organizations, that could be positive, or have a negative influence on any successful project. Therefore the stakeholders from any project should be managed by the organizations with the outlook to minimize the negative impacts and make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of a successful [...]

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